Learning Together – Classroom Pages


Each Sussex Montessori classroom has its own web page where children and their families can easily connect and learn. Click on the link for your child’s teachers to get the latest information.

There is also a unique page for special education, English Learner or 504 resources.

Check out our Special Populations Resource Page for up to date information, links, videos and contact information for our special programs coordinators.

Hybrid Classrooms

Learning with Becca &  Anna

Learning with Koecee & Eva

Learning with Mason & Jonas

Learning with Trey & Roseann

Learning with Samantha & Ingrid

Learning with Kim & Farhana

Learning with Becky & Tammi

Learning with Sara & Megan

Fully Remote Classrooms

Learning with Leslie & Willie

Learning with Gabby & Cierra

Learning with Jon & Sasi

Integrated Classes (Every Wednesday)

Learning About Music with Maria

Learning About Art with Linda and Keir

Counseling Corner with Ms. Megan

Counseling Corner

Staying Healthy

Staying Healthy with Nurse Jennifer

Health and Wellness at Sussex Montessori

Covid-19 Information and Resources

Our Opening Plan: A plan to get and STAY open