Parent Camp



Are you ready for Choice and Voice? Connection, Strengthening and Collaboration?

Sussex Montessori School is taking Family-School-Community engagement to another level!  ParentCamp offers a unique and exciting opportunity for families, community members, and school partners to come together, face to face, and connect through meaningful dialogue and social interaction. Participants share strategies and ideas in a safe space to benefit student learning, teaching and parenting!

Upcoming ParentCamp Events (2023-2024)

Please join us at one of our upcoming events. Attend three out of the four parent camp events for a chance to win a grand prize (prize includes family trip). Event and registration can be found below.


Our Story: ParentCamp Event Highlights (2022-2023)



SMS ParentCamp Team

We invite parents, family members, members in the community, and SMS staff to be a part of our ParentCamp Team!  We look forward to working with individuals who have a desire to strengthen and support the children and families at Sussex Montessori School. If you would like to facilitate a Parent Camp event or be a part of our ParentCamp team, please contact us today.  Together, we can take family-school-community engagement to another level!