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Meoli Companies’ donation launches Sussex Montessori projects

SEAFORD — A community-based renovation project at the historic Sussex Montessori School has landed a substantial financial boost from the Meoli Companies.

With Mike Meoli and his wife, Kelli Meoli, on hand, a $100,000 check was presented Wednesday, earmarked for landscaping and a barn renovation that will provide wraparound services for not only Montessori students and families but area residents, as well.

“It takes a village, and that is what we are trying to do, bring the village right here and be a support for the whole community,” said head of school Lisa Coldiron…..  {Published May 18, 2021}

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Highmark Supports New Playground and Expanded Outdoor Learning at Sussex Montessori School 

SEAFORD– The 340 children currently enrolled at Sussex Montessori School will soon have a new playground and expanded outdoor learning opportunities thanks to a major grant from Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield Delaware. The donation from Highmark’s Blueprints for the Community grants program will support our gardening program, outdoor classrooms structures, and 10,000+ sf outdoor play and exercise area as part of the Growing Minds, Growing Bodies initiative….  {Published December 15, 2021}

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Captrust grants $10,000 to Sussex Montessori School 

LEWES – A new public charter school providing free Montessori education to needy children in western Sussex County is the beneficiary of a $10,000 grant from Captrust. Cathy Seeber, vice president of Captrust in Lewes, presented the grant check to Jessica Crampton-Bradley, a Lewes resident and board member of Sussex Montessori School. “This is a wonderful start to our efforts to introduce Sussex Montessori to coastal Delaware donors who care about education,” said Bradley….  {Published August 25, 2021}

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Sussex Montessori School receives $17,500 grant from Highmark Delaware

SEAFORD – Supporting the needs of uninsured and underserved families and reducing health care disparity are primary goals of Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield Delaware. That commitment led to a recent $17,500 grant from the health insurer’s grant fund, Blueprints for the Community, to Sussex Montessori School, which brings quality education and support services to a diverse enrollment of young students from western Sussex County…  {Published February 11, 2021}

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WSFS Grant Helps Sussex Montessori Provide Alternative Approach to Education

SEAFORD — When work for the Sussex Montessori School began in conjunction with Montessori Works in 2013, the goal was to establish an innovative educational opportunity through an affordable Montessori school in Sussex County, Del….  {Published December 14, 2020}

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November is Kindergarten Registration Month!

Join us, along with First Lady Tracey Quillen Carney in promoting early and on-time kindergarten registration.

“Families should know that kindergarten registration is not a one-step process, and there are advantages and opportunities that come with starting early—opportunities that can help give children the best possible start to the school year. A good start to kindergarten helps set kids on a path to future success, including the all-important benchmark of grade-level reading.”
-First Lady Tracey Quillen Carney 


Please Note:  New SMS Kindergarten applicants are required to pre-register at the district/feeder school that serves their home address. For questions or assistance about pre-registration and choice applications, please contact our school office at 302-404-5367.

Watch Message from First Lady Carney


Delaware State News: Sussex Montessori School hailed as a trailblazer

SEAFORD — Scientific, researched-based education initially planted in Italy at the turn of the 20th century is occurring at Sussex Montessori School — a public charter elementary school that opened its doors in September with free education in grades K-3…  {Published November 18, 2020}

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WMDT- 47 News: Sussex Montessori School making progress on construction and renovations

SEAFORD — Sussex County’s newest school is nearing completion. Phase one of construction for the Sussex Montessori School is now complete.  The school teaches grades kindergarten through sixth grad, and opened this past September. This is very exciting for students and for the parents in the community as well…  {Published November 18, 2020}

Watch Broadcast and Read article here


Press Release: Trinity Foundation donates $50K to new Sussex Montessori School

The Trinity Foundation continues to support the local community by presenting Lisa Coldiron, Head of School for Sussex Montessori School, a $50,000 contribution that will benefit capital efforts to open in Seaford, Delaware. {Published June 23, 2020}

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Sussex Living: Sussex Montessori School perseveres with plans of fall opening

SEAFORD — The leaders at Sussex Montessori School are preparing to open for the school’s first year in the middle of all the changes caused by the coronavirus restrictions.  {Published May 27, 2020}

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Sussex Montessori Weekly Newsletters




Shining Bright as the Sun  😎

April 12, 2024

“MAICHIMP – Montessori Students Shining Bright…Don’t Eclipse our Shine!”




We Are Family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

March 29, 2024

“MAILCHIMP – Montessori Family Visiting Days = Success!”



Spring Into Montessori 🐇

March 25, 2024

“MAILCHIMP – Spring is Here and We’re Hopping into Action”





Spring Up Literacy through Montessori 🌱

March 8, 2024

“MAILCHIMP – A Week of Literacy and Learning at Sussex Montessori ”

Marching Onward and Upward at Sussex Montessori 🥾

March 1, 2024

“MAILCHIMP – Let us March on towards excellence and higher learning”





For the Love of Learning and Montessori 💗💚💗

February 16, 2024

“MAILCHIMP – It’s all about love at Sussex Montessori”


February is about Fearless Focus 💪

February 2, 2024

“MAILCHIMP – Focused Where it Counts”



New Year, Renewed Focus on Exploration and Discovery 🔎

January 26, 2024

“MAILCHIMP – Kicking off the New Year Strong at Sussex Montessori”



Six Weeks Towards a Solid Foundation 🌟

October 16, 2023

“MAILCHIMP – In the first six weeks of the new school year, we embarked on an exciting journey guided by the Responsive Classroom approach.”


Month One is Done…Hurrah!!  🎉

October 2, 2023

“MAILCHIMP – An incredible month of learning and our learners are ready for MORE!!!



Two Week Montessori Update 🎒

September 15, 2023

“MAILCHIMP – The Learners are Back in School and Off to a Strong, Productive Start!!



Time to Head Back to Montessori School! ⏰

September 1, 2023

“MAILCHIMP – Here’s a Helpful Checklist as you Prepare for Day 1 at Sussex Montessori!”



It’s Almost Time! 🏫

August 25, 2023

“MAILCHIMP – Get Ready for Back to School!”


August Joy and Order of Business 

August 11, 2023

“MAILCHIMP – Check off these items on your back-to-school list!”




Stay Calm, It’s Friday! 😆

July 28, 2023

“MAILCHIMP – A Welcoming Break to a very Productive Week!”



Summer Focus and Learning 🔬

July 21, 2023

“MAILCHIMP – We’re Staying Focused on Growth and Learning This Summer!”


Summer Fun and Joy 👐

July 14, 2023

“MAILCHIMP – SMS Summer Programs Kick off a week of Joy and Learning!”



Good Things are Brewing at SMS! ☕

July 7, 2023

“MAILCHIMP – Check out what’s happening at Sussex Montessori School!”



Summer, Summer, Summertime  😎

June 23, 2023

“MAILCHIMP – Sharpen your Child’s Language Skills with more Reading this Summer!”



School’s Out…Happy Summer! 🤸

June 16, 2023

“MAILCHIMP – Keep Fun and Learning Going this Summer!”


We Made It! 🕺

June 7, 2023

“MAILCHIMP – We Did It!  Year Three of School is Complete!




Nearing the Finish! 🐢

June 2, 2023

“MAILCHIMP – 1 Week Left and We’re Feeling Quite Allll…Right!!”




Race to the Finish! 🏃‍♂️

May 26, 2023

“MAILCHIMP – Joyful Learning Continues Strong as we Countdown to Year’s End!”





May Montessori Magic 🪄

May 19, 2023

“MAILCHIMP – The Month of May is Winding Up but Learning and Fun Never Stops!”



Celebrating Montessori Heroes 💪  

May 5, 2023

“MAILCHIMP – Appreciating those who make a Difference at Sussex Montessori School”



Nature’s Friend  🌎

April 28, 2023

“MAILCHIMP – Learning to Love, Appreciate, and Care for the Natural World”



Back To Business ✏

April 21, 2023

“MAILCHIMP – Back to the Business of Learning and Growing Future Leaders”





Break Time  ⏰

April 7, 2023

“MAILCHIMP – Check out our Big Week before the Big Break”



It’s a Family Affair 👪

March 31, 2023

“MAILCHIMP – Engaging Families is What We Do!”




Spring into Montessori Joy 🌹

March 24, 2023

“MAILCHIMP – Why Staying with Montessori is Good


Good Luck Friday  🍀

March 17, 2023

“MAILCHIMP – Growth and Good Fortunes at Sussex Montessori



Let’s Get Social!  🎭

March 10, 2023

“MAILCHIMP – Social-Emotional Learning at the Heart of Montessori!


100 Days of Joyful Learning!  💯

March 3, 2023

“MAILCHIMP – Keeping it 100 while celebrating 100 days of joy and learning!



Sweet Fridays 🍭

February 24, 2023

“MAILCHIMP – It’s been a Short, Sweet, and Productive Week of Learning at Sussex Montessori!


Love and Kindness 💚💗💚

February 17, 2023

“MAILCHIMP – All the things we love about learning at Sussex Montessori!



Road to Discoveries! 🚀

February 10, 2023

“MAILCHIMP – Montessori education is all about exploration and discovery!


Resilient Learners and Leaders! 🔔

February 3, 2023

“MAILCHIMP –  Reset. Renew. Refresh!”



Happy Friday! 📒

January 20, 2023

“MAILCHIMP – Moving Forward in Learning, Montessori Style!



Inspiration Friday! 💭

January 13, 2023

“MAILCHIMP – “Dare to Dream! Celebrating a Week of Inspiration, Imagination and Innovation!”




Happy New Year! 🎆

January 6, 2023

“MAILCHIMP – “Kicking off the New Year Excited and Ready to Learn!”


Happy Friday! 😉

December 9, 2022

“MAILCHIMP – “We Didn’t Forget You!”



Final First Friday 2022 

December 2, 2022

“MAILCHIMP – “First Friday in December is Looking Mighty Fly!”


Thankful Friday 💚

November 18, 2022

“MAILCHIMP – “Ending a Productive Week with Gratitude and Joy”


We Salute You 💙

November 11, 2022

“MAILCHIMP – “Honoring All Who Serve”


Children’s Work  🔧

November 4, 2022

“MAILCHIMP – “Students as workers and diligent observers”



Montessori in Action 🏇

October 28, 2022

“MAILCHIMP – “It’s an Action-Packed, Productive Week as We Gear Up for Goal Setting Conferences”



Harvest Friday 🌾 

October 21, 2022

“MAILCHIMP – “Fall in love with Montessori and let’s gather together for a learning good time!”


Cultivating Good 🌱

October 14, 2022

“MAILCHIMP – “Determined to make Good things happen”


You’ve got a Friend in Me  👫

October 7, 2022

“MAILCHIMP – “Lead the Way with Grace, Empathy and Kindness”


Work of Our Hands  👐

September 30, 2022

“MAILCHIMP – “Learn why Hands-On Experience is Key to Children’s Learning and Development”





Peaceful Friday 🌐

September 23, 2022

“MAILCHIMP – “Peace Education in the Montessori Classroom”


Journey towards Independence ↗

September 16, 2022

“MAILCHIMP – “How Sussex Montessori fosters Choice and Independence in Children”


School is Now in Session 🏫

September 9, 2022

“MAILCHIMP – “Oh What a Wonderful First Week It’s Been!”





Get Ready, Get Ready, Get Ready! 🏁 

September 5, 2022

“MAILCHIMP – “Let Year Three of Exceptional Learning and Discovery BEGIN!”


It’s Almost That Time 🔔

August 26, 2022

“MAILCHIMP – ”  First Day of School is fast approaching… Teachers are back, growth is happening and we can’t wait to welcome our new and returning students!”

Because We’re Happy 😄

August 5, 2022

“MAILCHIMP – ”  Want to know why we’re so happy?…”


Back to School Prep ⏳

July 29, 2022

“MAILCHIMP – ”  Prepare Your Child to Return to School with this Simple, Back-to-School Checklist…”


Literacy Friday 📖

July 22, 2022

“MAILCHIMP – “Reading, Writing and Joyful Learning with Montessori”




Ice Cream for Montessori 🍦

July 15, 2022

“MAILCHIMP – ” Sunday July 17 is National Ice Cream Day. Here’s a fun, easy Montessori-inspired ice cream recipe your family can make and enjoy…”


A Voice for Change  🔊

July 8, 2022

“MAILCHIMP – “Let’s Talk About It: Coffee and Conversation, Title 1 Annual Evaluation, Student Success and more…”


Freedom Friday!  🗽

July 1, 2022

“MAILCHIMP – “Why FREEDOM is Good in Montessori…”




Happy Summer!  🌞

June 24, 2022

“MAILCHIMP – “Summer is here! What does that mean for students and families?”





Best Delaware Charter School….

June 17, 2022

“MAILCHIMP – “We’d certainly like to think so! 😉 ”




The Last Hoorah! 👏

June 10, 2022

“MAILCHIMP – “School has Officially Ended as Summer Break begins! We Made It!”




Let the Games Begin  📢

June 3, 2022

“MAILCHIMP – “June Kicks off with Field Days and Fun as we near the end of year”



Children at Work ⚠

May 27, 2022

“MAILCHIMP – “What a “Bee-sy” Week of Learning and Play!”





A Week with Family and Friends👪

May 23, 2022

“MAILCHIMP – “Recap and Highlights of our Wonderful Week with Family and Friends”



Friday Lessons  📏

May 13, 2022

“MAILCHIMP – “Learning, Growth and Progress continue at Sussex Montessori”




A Week of Gratitude  😌

May 6, 2022

“MAILCHIMP – “Kick Off The Month Of May With Thanks and Appreciation”


Break Party! 💃

April 15, 2022

“MAILCHIMP – “Spring Break is Finally Here! Check out all the fun and learning we engaged in before break!!”




Friday Joy!  😁

April 8, 2022

“MAILCHIMP – “Oh the Joy of Fridays at Sussex Montessori School!”



A is for…. 🧮

April 1, 2022

“MAILCHIMP – “Academics, Agriculture, Appreciation, Art, Awareness and everything Awesome at SMS!”




Spring into Montessori! 🌱

March 25, 2022

“MAILCHIMP – “Spring is finally here! Check out what’s growing at Sussex Montessori this week!”

Week of the Green 🍀

March 18, 2022

“MAILCHIMP – “You’ve got to be seen….GREEN! Check out this week’s learning at Sussex Montessori… ”




A Week of Celebrations🎈

March 11, 2022

“MAILCHIMP – “Free Breakfast, Visit from the First Lady, Birthdays, Social Workers and more…. …. ”




Keeping it 💯

March 4, 2022

“MAILCHIMP – “Celebrating 100 days of school and so much more!”



Three Great Opportunities to Support Sussex Montessori THIS WEEK!

March 2, 2022

“MAILCHIMP – “Support is as easy as 1…2…3”






Joyful Friday! 😁

February 25, 2022

“MAILCHIMP – “Another Great Week at Dairy Lane”



Kindness Everyday! 😏

February 18, 2022

“MAILCHIMP – “Showing Love and Being Kind Each and Every Day”



Kindness Starts Here! 💕

February 11, 2022

“MAILCHIMP – “February is all about lovingkindness and we’ve caught some of our friends in the act of goodwill.”




Rock On Friday! 🎶

January 28, 2022

“MAILCHIMP – “We’re Rocking and Rolling through this new year!!”


Happy Return Friday! 😄

January 14, 2022

“MAILCHIMP – “Our students are back in-person and we couldn’t be more excited! Check out this week’s learning highlights!”



Learning in the Snow!

January 7, 2022

“MAILCHIMP – ” From building snowmen to building the sight words in the snow, this week has been both fun and educational for our kiddos!”




Finish Strong, Start the New Year Right!  😃

December 30, 2021

“MAILCHIMP – …”We’ve accomplished so much this year…Together we will make new year even greater!



Happy Holidays! 🎁

December 23, 2021

“MAILCHIMP – …”We’ve got Spirit, Oh Yes we do!!”


Energy – Work – Collaboration 🔄

December 10, 2021

“MAILCHIMP – …”Good things are happening inside the Montessori classroom!”




Mastered It! 📚

December 3, 2021

“MAILCHIMP – Our students are MASTERING these skills and we couldn’t be more proud…”


Thankful Friday! 😊

November 19, 2021

“MAILCHIMP – We have so much to be THANKFUL for…”



H is for Honor!

November 12, 2021

“MAILCHIMP – This week students honor veterans while teachers introduce materials that honor and support the WHOLE child.



Big Work and Joyful Learning! 👍

November 5, 2021

“MAILCHIMP – November is off to a great start with Big Work and lots of learning!  Plus, Open Enrollment has Begun!  Click to Learn More!”



Observation Friday! 👀

October 29, 2021

“MAILCHIMP – Witness the Concentration and Joy of Learning in our Montessori Classrooms! Open Enrollment Starts November 1st!”



Friendship Friday! 👥

October 22, 2021

“MAILCHIMP – Unity and Kindness were the focus of this week… Kindness Always Win!”


A Dino-Mite Week! 🐲

October 15, 2021

“MAILCHIMP – Check out this amazing week of learning and work!…”


Fall in Love with Montessori! 💚

October 8, 2021

“MAILCHIMP – Witness the Love and Joy of Learning at Sussex Montessori…”





Pressing On! 🔩

October 1, 2021

“MAILCHIMP – We’re Pressing On!  Closing the first month strong with great determination and a little extra help!




Caution, Children At Work ⚠

September 24, 2021

“MAILCHIMP – When the going gets tough, we get to WORK!  Check out these highlights from a productive Week Three!




It’s Been a Good Week Two !!  👍

September 17, 2021

“MAILCHIMP – Lots of Smiles, Friendly Faces, and Happy Students!  Check out these highlights from our incredible Week Two!



We Made It!!  😃

September 10, 2021

“MAILCHIMP – We made through our first week of school! Check out these highlights from our eventful Week One.




The Final Push  🌌

September 3, 2021

“MAILCHIMP – It’s the final week of summer break and things are finally quiet…for the moment. SMS First Day of School is just around the corner!!”




Rockin’ Around the Clock! ⏰

August 27, 2021

“MAILCHIMP – Time is moving fast and we’re “Gettin Er Done”!!  The hustle and bustle continues on Dairy Lane as teachers prepare for incoming students!”




The Countdown Begins 🕖

August 20, 2021

“MAILCHIMP – It’s another good Friday and we’re counting down the days to our glorious [re]union!”



T.G.I.F. 😁

August 13, 2021

“MAILCHIMP – Today is the Last Day of Teacher Training, Woo-Hoo! The preparation continues and we’re excited about the upcoming school year….”




Ramp It Up Friday!  💫

August 6, 2021

“MAILCHIMP – The campus is buzzing with activity as we prepare to welcome our family and friends back to school this September…”




Moving Full Speed Ahead! 🚦

July 30, 2021

“MAILCHIMP – Things are ramping up on SMS campus as construction, teacher training, and tutoring continue and high pace…”


Happy Friday! 🐸

July 23, 2021

“MAILCHIMP – It’s another fantastic summer week at Sussex Montessori and there are many good things to come…”



Sunny Days and Summer Prep!  🌞

July 16, 2021

“MAILCHIMP – It’s a bright sunshiny day at SMS! Click for school updates and important message from Lisa Coldiron, our Head of School…”


Freedom Friday!  💃

July 9, 2021

“MAILCHIMP – Let Freedom Ring!  What does freedom look like in the Montessori Classroom?”


Happy July!  🔅

July 2, 2021

“MAILCHIMP – Summer learning continues at SMS. Click for details and other updates…”




Learning and Fun in the Sun!  🌞

June 25, 2021

“MAILCHIMP – Check out these six Montessori-inspired activities your family can do to keep the littles one learning this summer!”



Happy Friday! 🙋 

June 18, 2021

“MAILCHIMP – Goodbye teachers, hello Summer! See what’s coming ahead…”




Bittersweet End 💚 Summer Begins!! 

June11, 2021

“MAILCHIMP – The 2020-2021 school year has officially ended and summer begins!  Check out some of the highlights of our final week.”


The Best Day Ever!! 👍

June 4, 2021

“MAILCHIMP – Check Out Field Day 2021 at Sussex Montessori, deemed by students as “the Best Day Ever!’  Click the link for photos and highlights!



Spring Harvest Continues  🌽

May 28, 2021

“MAILCHIMP – Spring Harvest continues at SMS and students are reaping the benefits of outdoor exploration and learning! Click for photos and highlights!



Spring Harvest at Sussex Montessori 🌾

May 21, 2021

“MAILCHIMP –  It’s all about healthy food, healthy learning, and healthy children at SMS!! Click to view these adorable photos and highlights of our week!!



Explore the World at Sussex Montessori 🌏

May 14, 2021

“MAILCHIMP – Happy Fantastic Friday!! Click for photos and highlights of our adventurous week!



Who’s the G.O.A.T!?!  🐑

May 7, 2021

“MAILCHIMP – See what makes Sussex Montessori School so Great!! Click for photos and highlights of our outstanding week!”



Joy in Discovery and Learning!  🐾

April 30, 2021

“MAILCHIMP – Montessori students find great joy in exploration, innovation, and learning! Click to view photos and highlights of our remarkable week!


Celebrating Earth Day!  🌎

April 23, 2021

“MAILCHIMP – Montessori students recognize Earth Day and commemorate the place we all call Home.  Plus, get the latest on events, news and more!”


Happy Sunshine Friday! 🌞

April 16, 2021

“MAILCHIMP – Montessori students shine bright in the classroom! See what they’ve learned, created and contributed…Get the latest on events, news and more!”


Hoppy Friday! 🐰

April 2, 2021

“MAILCHIMP – Hoppy Friday Friends!  Spring Break is here and a lot of exciting things have happened this week!! Click here for the news, highlights, and updates…”


Wellness Friday 😌

March 26, 2021

“MAILCHIMP – May you learn, grow, and be whole!  Click here for groovy Montessori news, highlights, and updates…”


Happy Fri-Yay!  Catch Me Outside…🍀

March 19, 2021

“MAILCHIMP – It’s Friday…YAY!  Lots of fun, outdoor learning happened this week!  Click here for Montessori news, highlights, and updates…”


Open Up to Life 🌱

March 12, 2021

“MAILCHIMP – Spring Season is almost here and things are blossoming at Sussex Montessori School.  Click here to learn more…”


Progress is our Priority

March 5, 2021

“MAILCHIMP – We’re dedicated to student growth and progress. Here’s how you can help.”


Here’s What We Love…?

February 26, 2021

“MAILCHIMP – We love our Students, Teachers, Families, and YOU! There are many things we love at Sussex Montessori! Take a look inside, perhaps you’ll agree!”


It’s Friday…Can You Feel It

February 19, 2021

“MAILCHIMP – They’re so many good things happening on SMS campus, we can’t help but feel GREAT! Check out this week’s highlights, news, updates and more!”


LOVE Is All You Need ?

February 12, 2021

“MAILCHIMP –  A little Montessori love is all the world needs and we’ve got plenty of it at Sussex Montessori! Check out this week’s learning highlights, news, updates and events…”



We LOVE Fridays at Sussex Montessori! ?

February 5, 2021

“MAILCHIMP – “Oh Friday, how we love thee!  It’s been a great week of learning and growth.  Check out this week’s highlights. Register for or  Ribbon Cutting next week!  Plus get other news…”



Friday HIGH-Day! ?

January 29, 2021

“MAILCHIMP – Happy Friday Friends!  it’s been a week of many HIGHS in learning and development. Check out this week’s highlights, news, events and updates…”


Our Kind of Friday!

January 22, 2021

“MAILCHIMP – Happy Friday Friends!  What an incredible week it’s been…Check out this week’s news, upcoming events, important updates, and highlights…”


And The Good Work Continues!

January 15, 2021

“MAILCHIMP – Hybrid students are back and it’s been a wonderful week of learning! Check out this week’s news, upcoming events, important updates, and highlights…”



Happy New Year !! ?

January 8, 2021

“MAILCHIMP – It’s a New Year and New Day….let’s start it off right!  Check out this week’s news, upcoming events, important updates, and highlights…”


Happy Holidays from Sussex Montessori!! ?

December 17, 2020

“MAILCHIMP – Tis the Season to be Jolly! We Wish You and Yours a Wonderful Holiday Season!  Check out this week’s news and highlights…”



Hybrid Learning Continues Till The Holidays!! ?

December 11, 2020

“MAILCHIMP – As we gear up for the holidays, kids are still learning and loving it!  Check out these important updates and highlights!”


Keep Building, Finish Strong!! ?

December 4, 2020

“MAILCHIMP – It’s the last month of year 2020 and we’re determined to Finish Strong! Check out these Montessori news and highlights!”


It’s 4 for 4 Friday!! ?

November 27, 2020

“MAILCHIMP – 4-Day hybrid learning begins Monday, followed by Giving Tuesday, Enrollment Wednesday and… the link 4 more!”


Did Someone Say…..Ribbon Cutting!?!  ✂

November 20, 2020

“MAILCHIMP – It’s A Great Cause for Celebration! Get highlights of the Nov 18th Building Dedication, Enrollment Updates, Student Achievements, Giving Tuesday, School Closings and so much more…”


They’re Baaaack!!  SMS Return Week 2020! ? 

November 13, 2020

“MAILCHIMP – The students are back in their new classrooms and teachers have welcomed new friends!  Check out Highlights, Important News, Updates, and more…”


Happy Friday!!  It’s Time to Move! ?

October 30, 2020

“MAILCHIMP – The Move to our New Classrooms has Begun!  Check out Highlights, School Closings, Important News, Updates, and more….”


Fall Into Montessori! 

October 23, 2020

“MAILCHIMP – The Seasons are Changing at Sussex Montessori!  Be a part of the shift and check out these important news and highlights….”



It’s Raining Montessori! 

October 16, 2020

“MAILCHIMP – Raining Outside? Let Us Shower You with Montessori Joy!  Check out these highlights and updates….”


Sweet Montessori Joy!   ?

October 9, 2020

“MAILCHIMP – It’s Friday and the end of a Fantastic Week Four!  Check out these highlights and updates….”


Oh The Joy of Montessori!   ?

October 2, 2020

“MAILCHIMP – Happy Friday, Friends!  It’s a wonderful ending of a joyous and happy Week Three!  Check out these highlights…”


Happy Flow With It Friday ? 

September 25, 2020

“MAILCHIMP – We’re riding the waves and getting into the Montessori Flow!  See highlights of our second week of school, plus important school updates and more…”



Happy Friday!! We Did It! 

September 18, 2020

“MAILCHIMP – What an Amazing First Week of School!  Check out some of the highlights of Opening Week. Plus get updates on construction and more…”


Can you believe it? 3 More Days!! 

September 11, 2020

“MAILCHIMP – Get answers to your pressing questions and important information to get you ready for Opening Day….”



10 More Days?

September 4, 2020

“MAILCHIMP – 10 More Days until School Begins….We are EXCITED and we hope you are too!!  Here’s a few details and reminders to prepare for Opening Day….”




Happy WONDERFUL Montessori Friday! ?

August 31, 2020

“MAILCHIMP – So many WONDERFUL things took place this week. Here are just a few highlights! PLUS, we’ll celebrate the 150th Birthday of Dr. Maria Montessori!….”



Oh, For the Love of Montessori ?

August 21, 2020

“MAILCHIMP – Click if you love Montessori!  Check out the latest updates and important details….”


A Plan to Move Forward…

August 14, 2020

“MAILCHIMP – Our Opening Plan for the fall has been approved and released.  Get the details plus questions to answers and important…”


Good Things are Happening…

August 7, 2020

“MAILCHIMP – Good things are happening at Sussex Montessori! Be part of the excitement! Get the latest in construction, school opening, and more…”



Fridays are Fantastic at Montessori!!

July 31, 2020

“MAILCHIMP – We hope you’re having a FANTASTIC Friday!  Check out the latest in construction, school opening, and more…”



Encouragement Loading….

July 24, 2020

“MAILCHIMP –  Keeping our friends updated, enlightened, and encouraged…”


Montessori Education = Life Preparation

July 17, 2020

“MAILCHIMP – We’re at the heart of PLANNING & PREPARATION season!  Click for updates on school opening, enrollment, construction and more!…”


Summer’s Hot, Hot, Hot

July 10, 2020

“MAILCHIMP – Happy Friday! Montessori Summers are Hotter than ever and here’s why…”


Special Edition **Meet the Teachers**

July 3, 2020

“MAILCHIMP – We’re rolling out the green carpet for our AMAZING new team of teachers and staff! Here’s your chance to meet them…”


It’s Fab Friday

June 26, 2020

“MAILCHIMP – A lot of FABULOUS things have happened this week. Check out the recent gift we received, PLUS updates on construction…”


Happy, Healthy Friday

June 19, 2020

“MAILCHIMP – Stay Healthy by Staying Active…”


Live and Learn in Peace

June 5, 2020

“MAILCHIMP – Peace-filled message from the heart of our Head of School…”


Did You See It?

May 29, 2020

“MAILCHIMP – Sussex Montessori in the News…Plus, updates on construction, enrollment, and more…”


Good News Friday

May 22, 2020

“MAILCHIMP – Get the latest in Montessori news and updates…”


Fridays are Fascinating with Montessori

May 15, 2020

“MAILCHIMP – Every day is a day to be Imaginative.  Creative…”


Thank Goodness it’s Friday!

May 8, 2020

“MAILCHIMP – The month of May is full of celebration and appreciation…”


Our Team is Growing!

May 1, 2020

“MAILCHIMP – A Yale Graduate.  A Sussex County “Country Gal.”  Meet the newest staff members of Sussex Montessori School…”


Education Update – Message to Sussex Montessori Parents

April 24, 2020

– Important education updates and message from the Head of School in response to the state’s decision to close schools through the academic year


Discover JOY in Your Day

April 17, 2020

“MAILCHIMP – If you’ve ever lived in a community with young children, one thing you might vividly recall is children at play….”


It’s Good Friday – Create Good Memories

April 10, 2020

“MAILCHIMP – A perfect day to create wonderful memories…”


Planting Seeds of Hope and Goodness

April 3, 2020

“MAILCHIMP – Spring season is here!  Flowers are blossoming…”


We’ve Got This

March 27, 2020

“MAILCHIMP – Seaford resident and Sussex Montessori student, Zola Santos…”


Shut Down Wednesday/Building Closed

March 25, 2020

“MAILCHIMP – Our hearts are still open…”


Parent Decision Day

March 20, 2020

“MAILCHIMP – Today is the final day…”


Don’t Freak Out Friday

March 13, 2020

“MAILCHIMP – It’s a Germ-Fighting, Fear-Repelling, Family-Fun Friday!…”


Monday March Madness at Sussex Montessori

March 9, 2020

“MAILCHIMP – It’s Game time!! Construction is in full swing…”


It’s Lottery Day!

January 29, 2020

MAILCHIMP, Today is Lottery Day!   We’re pretty excited and quite anxious to see how the chips will fall…”


Groundbreaking News

February 28, 2020

“MAILCHIMP- What an EXCITING Day it was yesterday at 24960 Dairy Lane!!!  Governor John Carney along with..”


Delaware State News

Groundbreaking sets new Sussex Montessori School in motion.

SEAFORD — Local, county and state officials and congressional liaisons joined Sussex Montessori representatives along with several families whose children are among the 263 young students that will be attending the school when it opens this September.”  {Published Feb 28, 2020}



New Charter School in Sussex County

SEAFORD, Del.- Bancroft Construction and Sussex Montessori School have announced the beginning of construction on the free public charter school that will open in 2020.”   {Published Jan 28, 2020}

Read the story here

Delmarva Life TV

We Learn About Sussex Montessori, A New Public Charter School In Seaford That Is Free.

“Lisa Coldiron, Head of School for Sussex Montessori and Kaneisha Trott, Community Engagement Specialist at Sussex Montessori School are in the Studio with Lisa to talk about this exciting opportunity for students and families.”  {Produced Jan 3, 2020}

Watch the interview here


New Sussex Montessori School in Seaford Earns 7.6 Million Dollar Loan from USDA

SEAFORD, Del.- The USDA awarded Sussex Montessori Public Charter School a loan to begin construction in January. Sussex Montessori is now accepting enrollment for kindergarten to third grade and tuition is free for students. With grants and funding from the state, all families have to do is register before Jan. 8.”  ~ Jane Chacko

Check out the story here

Delaware State News

SEAFORD — Former business property on the city of Seaford’s western limits is the future home for Sussex Montessori, a free public charter school structured on individualized and child-focused principles that organizers say will give families another elementary-level education option.”

Read more here

Press Release: Community Outreach Specialist

Sussex Montessori School is pleased to welcome Kaneisha Trott to our team! A highly regarded and well-known advocate for children in Sussex County is the new Community Engagement Specialist at Sussex Montessori School in Seaford, DE.

Read more Here