Sussex Montessori Charter School





                                                                                         Friday, February 16th – No School for Students: UDMTR Teacher Training

                                                                                         Monday, February 19th – School Closed Presidents’ Day

                                                                                         Tuesday, February 20th – No School for Students: Staff Professional Development

                                                                                         Tuesday, February 27th – DeSSA Social Studies testing for grades 4,5, & 6

                                                                                         Wednesday, February 28th – Make-up S.S. testing for grades 4,5, & 6



                                                                                         Thursday, March 7th – No School for Students: Teacher Professional Day

                                                                                         Friday, March 8th – No School for Students: Teacher Professional Day

                                                                                         Thursday, March 14th – No School for Students: Parent Conferences

                                                                                         Friday, March 15th – No School for Students: Parent Conferences

                                                                                         Wednesday, March 20th – Spring Pictures

                                                                                         Tuesday, March 26th – Family Visiting Day K-1

                                                                                         Wednesday, March 27th – Family Visiting Day 2-3

                                                                                         Thursday, March 28th – Family Visiting Day 4,5,6 and Mason

                                                                                         Friday, March 29th – Friday, April 5th – School Closed Spring Break



8:00 am – 3:00 pm



Morning      7:45 am

Afternoon    2:45 pm

Welcome to Sussex Montessori  – Southern Delaware’s premier public Montessori school! 

Located in beautiful Western Sussex County, Sussex Montessori provides tuition-free, Montessori education to students grades K-6.

Learn more about the benefits of our unique model, how to apply, enrollment, construction/progress, employment and volunteer opportunities and so much more!

See why more families are choosing Sussex Montessori as their school of choice!!

Join us in supporting the development of beautiful classrooms and community spaces on our campus!

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“The things (s)he sees are not just remembered they form a part of of his/her soul”

~ Maria Montessori

Join Our Team

Join the team that brings Sussex Montessori’s mission and vision to life.

Building Our Campus

Join us on the journey as we transform an old dairy farm into a beautiful campus and wellspring of learning.

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Join our community, begin building strong relationships, and ultimately create an educational network for your whole family.

Sussex Montessori
Charter School


“The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child’s own natural desire to learn.”

– Maria Montessori

Delaware Department of Justice Contact Information:

For additional information and help regarding school crime reporting and bullying prevention.
School Crime & Bullying Contact (Ombudsperson)
Phone: 800-220-5414