Our Methods


The Montessori Method is based on a learning philosophy that has been consistently effective for over 150 years. Montessori Schools educate children through authentic personalized learning experiences, respectful relationships, opportunities to innovate, and a focus on global citizenship in multi-age classrooms.  We are excited to offer Sussex County parents the choice of Montessori education for their children.


The Montessori Method is rooted in the belief that children are innate learners driven by curiosity and thrive in physical & social settings prepared specifically for them.


Montessori Classroom

The Montessori Classroom is a mixed-aged, prepared learning environment where the teacher focuses on the child, rather than the group of children focusing on the teacher at the front of the room. Children work in uninterrupted blocks of time with freedom of movement around the classroom.


The Montessori Flow


Montessori students are motivated, responsible, creative, cooperative, and respectful. Students emerge academically and socially ready for what may be next in their lives: college, the workforce, or community service.


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