Special Populations Resources

Upcoming Informational Sessions

Parent Information Center (PIC) of Delaware Calendar

– PIC has sessions often. Be sure to check out their sessions and see if any are of interest.


Parent Information Center of Delaware
– A state organization supporting parents/families of students with disabilities

Department of Education Family Resources


Articles on Returning to School

School refusal: How to help your child cope
Preparing Your Child to Go Back to School In-Person


Learn more about Montessori for children with special needs by clicking the video button below.
Video credit: American Montessori Society, 2016


Special Populations Advisory Network

Who: Staff and Parents of Sussex Montessori Public Charter School

What: Parent and staff group centered around the needs and laws surrounding our special student populations (IEP, 504, EL)

When: Once a marking period

Where: Sussex Montessori Charter School, or Zoom

Why: For parents and staff to work together and meet the needs of students in our special populations.

Questions ? Email Sara Poole, Special Education Coordinator, at Sara.Poole@sussexms.k12.de.us

Downloadable SPAN Flyer

Special Populations FAQ

If my child has special needs can they attend Sussex Montessori School?

All children living in Delaware may attend Sussex Montessori School.  There are no requirements or standards students must meet to be accepted.

SMS provides supports for children who are identified with a range of educational needs and differences. As a school, SMS works with parents, special educators and advocates to ensure Individualized Education Programs (IEPs)  and 504 Plans are implemented consistently and all children have the support they need to succeed.

Is a Montessori school appropriate for my special needs child?

Sussex Montessori School is committed to meeting the needs of all children. This includes children who may learn differently from the “typical” child. Montessori education is designed to follow the child as they grow and adapt to their individual needs and learning style. Inclusion and “push-in” services in the regular classroom setting is our goal for all. However, services will be provided in the setting that is determined most appropriate for the child by their IEP Team. The IEP team works together and determines the best approach to achieving your child’s educational goals. More information about on this approach can be found in this white paper authored by the National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector. Read more here.

Who should I reach out to if I have specific questions about my child?

First, communication and collaboration is key, so thank you for being willing to share and talk about your child with us. If your child is currently enrolled at Sussex Montessori School, we encourage you to start with their classroom teacher. Next, seek support from our coordinators or school nurse listed below in the Stay Connected section. Teachers and coordinators are also supported by our Education Director Peter McClure. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. We are a team and want to work together to ensure your child’s success.

New parents enrolling at Sussex Montessori School for their child with special needs are encouraged to contact the appropriate coordinator, and Head of School Lisa Coldiron with questions.


Supporting children and families is easier when we communicate. Communication is Key! To ask us specific questions about your child or our work please reach out in any one of the following ways. We will respond within 48 hours. Messages received over the weekend will be answered the next school day.


Special Education Coordinator: sara.poole@sussexms.k12.de.us

English Learner Coordinator: anna.ornelas-moore@sussexms.k12.de.us

Social Worker: cierra.cox@sussexms.k12.de.us

School Nurse: jennifer.passwaters@sussexms.k12.de.us

Phone: (302) 404-5367 (school office)

Backpack Notes:

If you send a note with your child and don’t hear back from us within 48 hours please follow up with a call or email.

Backpacks have a way of making notes disappear…it’s the strangest thing!