Sussex Montessori School welcomes visitors and values their engagement with our children and programs. As always, we prioritize health and safety and for that reason volunteers must complete a series of steps before working on campus or attending field trips. Please see the forms and steps below and let us know if you have any questions. Note: due to the current public health guidelines, on-campus volunteers will be limited. This is however a great time to get all of these steps completed so you are ready when the school is able to accept more in-person support!


Step One:

Complete a Sussex Montessori School Volunteer Enrollment and Disclosure Form


Step Two:

Complete a Delaware Child Protection Registry Request Form background check.


Step Three:

Complete the Department of Health Tuberculosis Health Questionnaire


Once all three steps have been completed, and the school has received the results, the Head of School or designee will contact all volunteer applicants to let them know of their status. Results of all background checks and TB tests will be kept confidential.